Hey, girl, hey! I’m back! Did you miss me??

So, where have I been, you ask? Oh, I’ve been around. Just too lazy to write anything, but I have been working on content for the site! June gifted San Francisco with some amazing weather, so I was out and about with my friend Kerry and her monkey, Sloane (by monkey, I mean the cutest 2 year old EVER!). They live near Noe Valley, so we like to take walks with Sloane and hang out in the sun whenever we had the chance.

It’s also birthday season come June/July, including mine and my husband’s birthdays! My husband and I share the same birthday, how crazy is that?! I love sharing a birthday with him, he won’t ever forget, that’s for sure! Plus, our birthday is the day before a huge national holiday AND we share it with Tom Cruise (which used to excite me more when I was younger and pre-Katie Holmes days…what happened to him?!?!).

For my birthday this year, I wanted flowers. Permanent flowers. My husband gifted me with these:

California Poppies by the awesome Katie Gray!

Two and a half hours later, voila! It was the longest I ever sat for a tattoo, and I was gritting my teeth the last hour. Meditation helped a little, but it’s hard to focus when there’s a needle on your calf! The leg takes longer to heal due to blood flow when you’re standing vertically, so I swelled up pretty badly the first week if I was on my feet too long. The night of my birthday party, I didn’t notice I had a huge cankle until I went to change for my party. I had to elevate my leg most of the night, I felt like a bad hostess, but my friends were so awesome about it!

Karl the fog comes to visit in July, so leaving the house is harder. I’ve been interviewing a lot lately, so I’ll share some of my interview outfits in upcoming posts, as well as some San Francisco “summer” outfits (aka Winter 2). I also picked up some awesome new foundation by Tarte that I will review for a Make-Up Monday post. So stay tuned folks! Ms. Jones is back!

If you’re interested in getting tattooed by the awesome artist who did mine, check out Katie Gray’s work. She’s working out of One Shot Tattoo in SF’s Inner Sunset. Katie is crazy good, she’s super versatile as well (just go check her stuff out already!).


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