Brushes are just as important as the make-up you put on your face. Invest in good brushes, and your make-up will go on easier and look better.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 brushes!

Let’s start with the face. My favorite foundation brush is the Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush.

Tarte Airbrush Bamboo Foundation Brush – $32USD

I hadn’t loved a foundation brush until I came across this one. I love the heft of the handle, so you can really buff your foundation into your skin. It’s harder to buff with a thin handle, like most other foundation brushes. I use less product when using this brush as well, since the brush blends so well.  The bristles are super soft and make-up application is quick with this brush.

I’ve been really into bronzer lately, and I couldn’t figure out which brush to use for applying the product. Since I’m fair, I don’t need a lot of product, so a traditional blush brush wouldn’t work. Then I remembered I have the baby sister of another awesome foundation brush, the MAC 188 small duo fibre face brush!

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush- $35USD

The larger version of this brush is the 187, which is great for foundation application and other creamy face products. The 188 is the perfect size to use under the cheekbones. Plus, since the white bristles are sparser than the base bristles, the brush won’t pick up as much product, so you have better control of how much you apply to your face.  I would also use this brush for blush, if I wasn’t so in love with the next brush on my list.
Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush – $8.99USD

Who says you have to spend $40+ on a brush! If you’re on the lookout for some great quality and affordable brushes, check out the Real Techniques line by Samantha Chapman (of Pixiwoo!). This blush brush beats out my MAC blush brushes hands down. The bristles are synthetic fibers, hand-cut and SO soft! I love that the end bristles are white, so you can see how much product you’ve picked up on your brush.  There is also little fallout with these brushes, which I can’t say the same for my other face brushes! I also have the Powder brush from this collection which is just as soft and applies wonderfully.

Moving onto eyes, I feel like you can get away with just one to two eye brushes, but that’s me! One of my favorites is the MAC 217 blending brush. I love this brush so much that I have two!

MAC 217 Blending Brush – $23USD

I use this brush for more than just blending, I use it to apply shadow to my lid and brow bone as well. I use one brush for the lighter base colors and the other for crease blending. This brush can be used with creamy or powder products. It’s definitely a great brush to have in your arsenal and is worth the investment.

Last, but not least, the MAC 210 Eye Liner brush.

MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush – $19USD

For the longest time I used the 266 to apply my gel liner, and it was always a hot mess! I could never get the line thing enough and I’d always end up with massive cat eyes. Then I found the 210! This brush is AWESOME! I can apply the thinnest line of liner to my eye with ease. So many eye liner brushes are too thick for applying liner (I’m looking at you Smashbox!), so this little tool is perfect for those who want more control over their liner application.

So, there you have it, my top 5 brushes! What are your favorite brushes? Do you have a favorite brand?


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