Can you name that song? If you can, you’re my kind of people!  I couldn’t think of anything clever to rhyme with leather (HA, I just rhymed…), when all else fails, quote Sifl & Olly!

I’ve been on the lookout for a faux leather jacket for a while now, and for some reason I have issues buying a jacket made entirely of leather, but not leather shoes. Weirdo right here! I had been stalking this jacket on Forever 21’s site for a while (since the SF store NEVER has the same stock as online, boo!), but I was hesitant to buy since their sizing is inconsistent. Plus I didn’t want to spend $50 to get the free shipping. I finally received a free shipping code, so I went online and bought it!

I went a little “rocker” and paired this with my Taryn Rose booties, a printed tunic and polka dot Rock Star jeans from Old Navy.

Outfit Details:
Faux leather jacket – Forever 21 (buy me!)
Polka Dot jeans – Old Navy (similar here)
Suede booties – Taryn Rose (similar here)
Arrow necklace – Forever 21 (similar here)
Bullet earrings – Urban Bazaar SF

Speaking of Urban Bazaar, if you are ever in San Francisco and happen to be in the Inner Sunset, you HAVE to stop here. All the products sold there are either local and/or fair trade. I always find the best gifts there and some great accessories for myself, too! The best part is the stock is always changing, so every time you go in, it’s like a new store!

Back to fashion talk! It’s been way too warm/humid this summer to really wear this jacket out. Every time I do, I get overheated and end up taking it off any way. Ugh! I can’t wait to wear it when it’s cold enough this winter.

How do you like to wear leather in the summer? Maybe it’s time to invest in a leather skirt 🙂

Hey, girl, hey! I’m back! Did you miss me??

So, where have I been, you ask? Oh, I’ve been around. Just too lazy to write anything, but I have been working on content for the site! June gifted San Francisco with some amazing weather, so I was out and about with my friend Kerry and her monkey, Sloane (by monkey, I mean the cutest 2 year old EVER!). They live near Noe Valley, so we like to take walks with Sloane and hang out in the sun whenever we had the chance.

It’s also birthday season come June/July, including mine and my husband’s birthdays! My husband and I share the same birthday, how crazy is that?! I love sharing a birthday with him, he won’t ever forget, that’s for sure! Plus, our birthday is the day before a huge national holiday AND we share it with Tom Cruise (which used to excite me more when I was younger and pre-Katie Holmes days…what happened to him?!?!).

For my birthday this year, I wanted flowers. Permanent flowers. My husband gifted me with these:

California Poppies by the awesome Katie Gray!

Two and a half hours later, voila! It was the longest I ever sat for a tattoo, and I was gritting my teeth the last hour. Meditation helped a little, but it’s hard to focus when there’s a needle on your calf! The leg takes longer to heal due to blood flow when you’re standing vertically, so I swelled up pretty badly the first week if I was on my feet too long. The night of my birthday party, I didn’t notice I had a huge cankle until I went to change for my party. I had to elevate my leg most of the night, I felt like a bad hostess, but my friends were so awesome about it!

Karl the fog comes to visit in July, so leaving the house is harder. I’ve been interviewing a lot lately, so I’ll share some of my interview outfits in upcoming posts, as well as some San Francisco “summer” outfits (aka Winter 2). I also picked up some awesome new foundation by Tarte that I will review for a Make-Up Monday post. So stay tuned folks! Ms. Jones is back!

If you’re interested in getting tattooed by the awesome artist who did mine, check out Katie Gray’s work. She’s working out of One Shot Tattoo in SF’s Inner Sunset. Katie is crazy good, she’s super versatile as well (just go check her stuff out already!).


Ok, that title is pretty bad, but I couldn’t think of anything witty! I recently purchased one of a girl’s wardrobe essentials after a long search: a denim jacket! I hit up Old Navy last week in search of an affordable option. I was in luck, the San Francisco flagship store is always well-stocked, but it was like a denim explosion when I walked in the store. They had all different kinds of washes, I really wanted a dark denim jacket, but I wasn’t able to find my size. I did, however, find the next darkest wash, “dark worn.” To my surprise, the XXL was too big (for my shoulders at least), so I got the XL and went on my merry way.  I’ve pretty much been wearing it every day since I got it, and it really goes with everything! That’s why I wanted to do this post, to show how versatile a denim jacket can be!

First up, casual/weekend outfit.

Outfit Details:
Purple Print Dress – Nordstrom (Similar style here)
Denim Jacket – Old Navy (buy me!)
Orange Leather purse – Linnea Pelle (Similar style here)
Black and gold sandals – Target
Feather earrings – Forever 21
Necklace – Fab
Chunky clear bracelet – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Similar style here)

Denim jackets are okay for the work place, too! I would wear it on your casual day if your office has a dress code, or any day if you work in San Francisco (ha!).

Outfit Details:
Floral high-low top – Xhiliration by Target (available here)
Teal trousers – Mossimo by Target (Similar style here)
T-strap Mary Janes – Pikolino (Similar Style here)
Leather Crossbody bag – Cole Haan (similar style here)

This can easily be dressed up with blazer or a cardigan if the denim jacket is too casual for your office.

Now onto evening! I just switched out my accessories, bottoms and added a brighter lip.

Outfit Details:
Purple top – Nordstrom Rack
Black skinny jeans – Old Navy Rockstar denim (available here)
Rose Gold Pumps – Corso Como (similar here)
Red Crocodile Clutch – Cole Haan (Similar here)
Copper earrings – Etsy

There you have it! Denim three ways. If the lighter wash doesn’t work for you, go for the dark denim. That wash has a lot more polish to it, so you could wear it more often in a professional setting.

Are there any pieces you have problems working into your wardrobe? If you have a piece you have but aren’t sure how to wear it, I would love to help. Just shoot me an email!

“Hey, in some parts of the universe, maybe not in contempo-casual, but in some parts, it’s considered cool to know what’s going on in the world.” Josh from Clueless

I really just wanted an excuse to quote Clueless, that movie is full of great one-liners. Plus it ties into today’s theme: Casual wear! We ran out of our beloved pink Himalayan salt, so I had to venture out to Trader Joe’s. I had to get ready pretty quickly, so I threw on my “new” dress from Crossroads with a brown belt, black leggings and a boyfriend cardigan. Since it was gloomy in San Francisco, I wore my riding boots and topped it off with a plaid scarf. Who says you can’t be comfortable and cute?

Snarky McSnarkerson at your service!

Side detail of hair

Outfit Details:
Floral dress – thrifted from Crossroads Trading
Boyfriend Cardigan – Forever 21
Black Leggings – Target
Riding Boots – Naturalizer

I’m so excited that my hair is finally long enough to wear up! As you can see from the very back, it’s not quite long enough to stay, but WHATEVER, it’s cute hehe.  I am horrible at doing hair, but thanks to Youtube, I have found SO many short hair tutorials.  This is called a rope braid, which is essentially a French braid with two pieces of hair.  This lovely young lady made a great tutorial if you’d like to learn how to rope braid!

So if you’re looking for a cute outfit to run errands in AND be super comfortable, try an outfit like this out.


The sun has honored us San Franciscans with its presence quite a bit lately, which is awesome because my closet is filled with knee-length dresses! I had to run some errands, so I thought a cute outfit was in order. Bare legs made their first appearance in 2013 on May Day (ha!). I really wish I could get a little color on my legs with the sun, but I’ll probably have to go the sunless tanner route. I’m sure most of SF is pretty pasty right now anyway, so blind away white legs, blind away!

This is a pretty versatile outfit; change the shoes and you can wear it to work. Wear it for errands, lunch with your girlfriends or in-laws, if the sun is out, wear it!

First bare legged day of 2013!

I kept the jewelry simple and wore my new favorite sandals with gold accents. I love this Juicy Couture necklace so much. The heart at the bottom is a charm, you can buy more Juicy charms to add to the necklace. The length is adjustable, so I can wear it so many different ways! It’s one of my pricier pieces in my jewelry collection, but it’s definitely worth investing in nice pieces.  The earrings are from Forever 21 and came with two more pairs of geometric shapes.

Outfit Details
Striped dress – Old Navy
Giraffe print cardigan – Old Navy (similar here)
Gold accent sandals – Target
Gold watch – Michael Kors
Charm Catcher necklace – Juicy Couture
Square earrings – Forever 21

Hopefully there will be more dress posts to come with the sunny forecast!


One of my favorite things to do with color is mix it up with other tones in the same family. Here, I’m wearing cobalt blue slacks with a navy blazer. The way I break up the color is to throw in a printed blouse in a neutral color underneath the blazer and pair it with warm metallic accessories (rose gold, yellow gold and chocolate metal). The earrings have turquoise, which is in the same family as the blues, so it works! The final touch are my Miz Mooz Nash oxfords. I absolutely LOVE these shoes, so much that I have them in black and brown. This is the kind of outfit I would wear to work on a “dressy” day or to an interview.  To make it a little less formal, I’d throw on a cardigan in navy or beige.

Outfit Details
Navy Blazer – Forever 21 (similar style)
Cobalt Ankle pants – Target (similar style)
Leopard print blouse – Forever 21
Brown Oxfords – Miz Mooz Nash
Necklace – Forever 21
Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors
Gemstone rings – gifted by husband <3

Looks like I’ll be doing Instagram outfits for a while, at least I have a lot of material to work with!


Now that the weather is warming up a bit in SF, I’ve been wearing my maxi dresses a lot! I rediscovered these two dresses I bought in 2011.  They’re a bit big on me since I’ve lost weight since 2011, but I just use a safety pin to hold the top closed and keep the “girls” out of sight (haha)…

I mentioned this in my last maxi dress post, warm weather is anything over 65F. I will bust out the sandals and dresses once I see the sun, which is why I’ve paired these maxi dresses with cardigans. Weather is really unpredictable here, so I dress in layers, and I bring a scarf with me every time I leave the house. I’ll have to do a post on all my scarves at some point!

These dresses happen to be the same style as well. I got a great deal on them at Nordstrom when looking for dresses to wear to Socal in 2011. They were hiding in the back of my closet and now I can’t stop wearing them! Maxi dresses are great because they’re super versatile. Below are great examples of how to dress up and outfit and a more casual/every day outfit.


Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Outfit Details
Purple Maxi Dress – Nordstrom (similar style)
Beige cardigan – Merona for Target (similar style)
Orange Sandals – Indigo by Clarks (similar style)
Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors
Earrings – Etsy
Necklace – Gifted

The next outfit I wore out to run errands downtown last week. I love the print on this dress, the neutral color will go with almost any color sweater/jacket.

Prayer bracelets a monk gave me while I was out shopping.

More silly… but a great shot of my earrings!

Outfit Details
Black Maxi Dress – Nordstrom (similar style)
Mustard Cardigan – Merona for Target (same style as the above)
Sandals – Mossimo for Target (buy me)
Earrings – Etsy

There you have it, two maxi dresses in one post.  Hope you enjoyed!!



Today’s post is about southwest print! See what I did with the title there, eh? Albuquerque is in the southwest…get it? HA! I love bad jokes 😀

I wanted to post this outfit before I have to retire the shirt.  I really love it, but it’s from Forever 21, where clothes have a shelf life of 1 year max.  Even though I wash it on delicate and hang dry, the damn shirt still shrinks! C’est la vie! This is a reason I love Forever 21 and other affordably-priced clothing stores; if you’re not sure whether or not a new trend works, you can buy a cheapie version and wear it a few times before making a decision! Now that I know I can pull off the print, I’ll keep an eye out for a piece that will have a longer shelf life.

This top is super versatile due to all the colors in the print.  I’ve worn this top with red pants, black pants, dark denim and seen here with grey denim. I paired this outfit with a black boyfriend cardi from The Gap, a taupe layering tank (tami by Old Navy, my FAVORITE tanks!), and Jessica Simpson black flats. I would wear this out for errands on a weekend, lunch with friends or even a casual Friday at work. The outfit is just as versatile as the top is!

Southwest stylin’

Southwest and Sassy!

Outfit Details:
Southwest-style print top – Forever 21
Boyfriend Cardigan – Gap (similar style here)
Grey denim pants – Forever 21 (similar style here)
Black flats – Jessica Simpson
Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors

Target had some super cute dresses in February, and I picked this one up without trying it on (I do this A LOT!). Luckily it fit and I always look for an excuse to wear it!

I absolutely love the print, it makes the simple dress a little more fun. Another bonus: POCKETS! Any dress with pockets will pretty much seal the deal if I’m on the fence about a piece. In the photo below, I have paired the dress with a camel colored cardigan, black cable knit tights and my Pikolino t-straps. The necklace is another one of my favorites, I came across it at Jest Jewels at their Cow Hollow location. In the bottom photo, I have my awesome and crazy cheap Woody Allen glasses on. I really want to get them in clear, but I have way too many pairs of glasses thanks to Eye Buy Direct. Damn you, good deals!

Let’s get onto the photos!

Hay is for horses!

Instagram version

Outfit Details:
Horse Print dress – Xhiliration for Target (similar style here)
Camel Cardigan – Merona for Target (similar style here)
Navy tights – Merona for Target
T-strap Mary Janes – Pikolino (similar style here)
Watch – Michael Kors (similar style here)

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” -Claude Monet

I would have to agree with Monsieur Monet! I obsess about color for sure. When I was younger, it was wearing crazy eye shadows, I was less daring in the clothing department though. Now that I’m more comfortable with myself, I love adding color into my wardrobe.  I for sure need to do a post on my closet, I have a rainbow assortment of cardigans, blouses, dresses and pants!

I saw this cardigan on Forever 21 and had to have it! It’s more versatile than you would think by looking at it or the way Forever 21 styled it.  I’ve worn this with a mint colored top and an orange top (with ruffles!). Here, I’ve paired it with my trusty Old Navy polka-dot  Rockstar jeans (in navy), a purple floral top with a light orange cami underneath and red suede flats (with the cutest bow with orange rhinestones!).  It’s a LOT of color, but this is how it works (to me!): The dark purple is a great contrast to the cardi colors (orange and teal), plus purple goes with each color on it’s own. I call it a neutral color! The floral print has a bit of orange, pink and red, which brings in the red shoes.  I know it can be a lot for someone that isn’t used to wearing different colors, try switching out the purple top for a more neutral color (black, gray, nude) and/or a neutral shoe.

I wore this out shopping with my husband, but I’d wear this out almost anywhere.  A casual work day outfit (Friday for instance) or having lunch with a friend on the weekend.  I would totally throw on my teal fedora if it were a sunny day.


ha, what am I looking at?!

I should have rolled up those sleeves… doh!

Close-up of my cute rose gold heart earrings and copper circle necklace <3

Outfit Details:
Teal-Orange Marled Cardigan – Forever 21 Plus (link above)
Purple Floral top – Nordstrom Rack
Jeans – Old Navy Rockstar
Shoes – Enzo Angiolini (similar here)
Earrings – Forever 21 (similar here)
Necklace – Millbrae Art & Wine Festival (best one of the bay!)